Spidertrax Ultimate 300M Floater Shafts 40 Spline Pair

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These are Bomber Specific 40 spline Rear axles made to order.
With over 3 years of competition testing and more top place finishes then we can count, Spidertrax Ultimate Floater Axle Shafts have quickly become the #1 full floating axle among top rock crawling and rock racing teams.
But what makes Spidertrax axles outperform the competition in ALL areas of quality, strength, and price? Here is a list of key advantages on what makes our axle shafts stand out from the crowd:

  • We start with only the finest US grade 300M billet chromoly and carry out all CNC manufacturing operations right here, in-house, in Colorado USA. This allows us to provide an unmatched level of quality control while passing significant cost savings on to you.

  • All heat treatment is done AFTER machining and never before. This provides far more strength then simply working with pre-heat treated material, rough cutting some splines, and calling it good. After heat treatment, we perform a deep freeze, or a Cryogenic freeze as it is commonly called, to the 300M material. We use a superior method for deep freezing that goes beyond simply cooling the part. After the axle shaft is heat treated, it is heated back up to a critical temperature at which point it is immediately deep freezed. This entire process improves the molecular structure of the axle shafts and has been a proven technique, when done correctly, in improving shaft strength and longevity. For those wondering why the 300M versions of these shafts are more expensive then the 4340 counterparts, this process, plus raw material cost, is the reason why.

  • We turn down the entire shaft so the shaft diameter is smaller then the major diameter of the splines. This provides two key advantages. First, by choosing the correct shaft diameter we allow for an ideal amount of shaft torsion, critical for overall shaft longevity. Second, the axle shaft splines are protected from taking the full load on the shaft, in-turn making the splines much stronger. Anyone who has seen twisted splines on a shaft that has not been machined down like ours knows first hand what a difference this can make.

  • If you're building a complete Spider 9, we know exactly what components you're running and how they are all designed to work together. Therefore, we can make sure your shafts fit perfect in every way. We cover all critical areas, commonly missed by our competition, such as proper snap ring location and corrected adjustments in shaft length based on locker choice.

  • We are tooled up to manufacture shafts up to 56" in overall length.

  • All parts come with a "Limited Lifetime Warranty", so you are covered for life from defects in material and workmanship. For more details on the Limited Lifetime Warranty, please visit our Terms of Business page.

 Spidertrax Ultimate Floater Axle Shafts are designed to be sealed using the Spidertrax High Performance Oil Seal Kit. They are sold and priced as a pair. All aspects of these axle shafts, from design to manufacturing, are proudly done right here in Colorado, USA. PRICED PER PAIR.