About Us

Taking rock crawling out of the stone age.


Founded in 2009 Bomber Fabrication LLC. is a small, high end fabrication shop specializing in building, maintaining and repairing off road Race vehicles.

Bomber Fab Builds anything you can think of from mild to wild, bare chassis to full turn key racers. 

Bomber Chassis represent one of if not thee winingest Chassis to race at the grueling King Of Hammers endurance and skills race.

All of the products featured on our website have been hand selected by Randy Slawson to be up to the task of not only winning races but dominating them. 

If your looking to get the best parts money can buy, with hundreds of hours of field testing in the roughest race environments you are in the right place.

We can take care of you whether your are looking to build a top of the line Bomber Chassis at home piece by piece or you just wanna pick up a turnkey race car with top shelf parts.