Complete Bomber PSC Steering System

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Everything needed for the steering system custom package put together exclusively for our Bomber Chassis.


Steering control valve. 185cc/11.3 cubic inch displacement. Load reaction. All of the steering controls offered by PSC are load reaction. A load reaction valve allows axle forces to return the steering wheel to its original position when the operator releases the wheel after completing a turn. This return to center function is engineered to work in cross connected and balanced systems. It will work in a differential system, but not as well.

The displacement of the valve divided into the steering cylinder volume will determine the required turns of the steering wheel to turn the steering axle full lock to lock.


XR Series 11.3 CBR race pump - no flow control -8AN / -12AN



PSC Introduces a new race full hydraulic cylinder to its XR series line.

This 2.5 inch bore x 1.5 inch diameter rod Race Cylinder is a must for hard core offroad rockcrawling or, ultra 4 racing. Available in a 8” stroke or a 8.75” stroke for high angle steering.

Special Features

-1 piece welded alloy rod for superior strength

-Special fiberglide bushings that help support the shaft and prevent seals from deflecting

-Special Urethane wipers to keep the dust, water and mud out of the seals

-Zinc plated housing for extra corrosion resistance

-Anodized glands that are more easily field serviceable

-Available in a 8” or 8.75” strokes



Includes most necessary hoses and fittings