Bomber Fab LS Motor Billet Alternator Brackets

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This kit is designed to fit LS engines with F-Body belt lines. It will work with ANY LS engine, including truck blocks, as long as you utilize Camaro water pump and crank pulley. It moves the alternator to the passenger side cylinder head. This allows more room on the driver side for your four link suspension. The belt on the engine is only to show routing at the alternator and is not included in the kit because everyone uses different power steering pumps and pulleys. We have been running this set-up on the Bomber Fabrication race car for over two years with no problems.

Kit Includes

* CNC Machined brackets from 6061 T6 aluminum.
* New 105A alternator - Option 140A Powermaster alternator, or 240A billet alternators. We can get bigger Alternators call us for info.
* New Belt tensioner
* New high grade socket head hardware
* Alternator pig tail

* Option, 70mm over sized pulley to slow down the alt. If your motor lives at high RPM's like ours do, this pulley will help make your alt live a full life. 

* New option, billet alternators. 

* Our newest option, billet idler bracket to create more rap on the power steering and crank pulleys. 

We can also supply any PSC steering parts that you may need.