Advance Adapters Atlas2 : Atlas 2 Speed Transfer Race Case Fully Built

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Expect at least a 120 day lead time For Atlas transfer cases.

We can spec these to your needs so don't be shy to call or email us and we will get back to asap.

The Advance Adapters Atlas gear-driven transfer cases are the ultimate in gearing and strength. With over 20,000 units sold, the Atlas 2 speed is the solution for combining both on and off-road performance.

 The name is legendary and synonymous with rock crawling and off-road vehicle performance. Atlas Transfer Cases have won over the industry for their superior performance, bullet proof design and their ability to get you anywhere you want to go. The Atlas Transfer Case is sure to change the way your vehicle performs off-road. You will benefit greatly by understanding the Atlas characteristics and how to apply them for the ultimate in performance!

Don't sweat it, order in confidence knowing that after placing your order, you will be contacted by one of our technical specialists to nail down the specifics on your application before your order leaves the building. Shop online with confidence knowing you will get the correct transfer case, accessories & support to make your installation a positive experience from the start.    


Atlas 2 Speed Transfer Case Fully spec'd out for use in our Bomber Chassis.

  • Gear Ratio: 2.0:1 Gear Set
    • #Atlas20
  • Drop: Left hand drop (Driver Side) Race Case w/ GM Pattern
    • #301510A
    • #ALDC-HD
  • Input Spline: 32 Spline Input Heavy Duty - 400M Material
    • #A32HD
  • Tailhousing: Short Heavy Duty Tailhousing (no speedometer provision)
    • #AST32HD
  • Synchronization: Yes (Synchronized)
    • #301700
  • Rear Yoke: 1410 Non-CV (U-Bolt)
    • #A1410U
  • Front Yoke: 1410 Non-CV (U-Bolt)
    • #A1410U
  • Speedometer: I will get my own / I don't need one
  • Shifter Kit: HD Universal Heim Joint Style
    • #303000HD
  • Site Tube: Yes Please
    • #301603