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110w Race Package 10

110w Race Package 10

$ 2,149.00

Comlink 10 Kenwood TK-790 Remote head 110 watt Radio Antenna and Coax
PCI puts together our best components for your Racing Applications. These tuned, tested complete packages come in different configurations to best suit each racer. This package includes the PCI Comlink 10 (X) Intercom. This intercom has a driver isolation feature, audio input, audio output for cameras, extremely clear two person intercom with volume controls for driver and co-driver. We would never recommend putting anything less than a durable, water resistant Kenwood radio in a race car. The TK-790 110 Watt Radio is the standard in Public Safety where reliability is just as important as power output. With this package you have an option of the Dash Mount, all one piece radio, or the more common, much more convenient "remote" head unit that allows you to mount the face of the radio in the dash, and the remainder of the unit elsewhere.

  • PCI Comlink 10 - 2 Place intercom with PTT's and radio interface cable, driver isolation, audio input and audio output.
  • Kenwood TK-790 110watt Power Source Radio with Remote Mounting Head or Dash Mount, Race modified
  • Deep Mount Racing Coax and 3db Gain racing antenna
  • Includes Kenwood KLF-2 Noise Filter
  • Includes helmet / headset cables, steering wheel and panel mount push to transmit buttons, wiring harness

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